Organic citrus

We are pioneers in the production of organic fruit. We grow 100% of our fruit following the most demanding standards of sustainable agriculture. We are committed to protecting and taking care of the ecosystem.

Our agricultural practices

We recurrently invest in researching new agricultural practices, utilizing modern techniques to procure an organic produce, responding to consumers’ needs while respecting the environment.

p_a-1Efficient and responsible use of waterarr-dw

We optimize water consumption through the use of electronic probes and the stem water potential (SWP), adjusting our water supply to the real needs of the trees.

We reduce the consumption of irrigation water by 20% as compared to conventional agriculture by providing only the actual water needs of the plants.

Our lower water consumption indirectly reduces our Carbon Footprint.

p_a-2Neutralization of soil erosionarr-dw

We respect the natural orography of the land, preserving the native forest islands on our plots.

We respect the natural growth of the vegetation cover avoiding soil erosion.

We do not use herbicides, favoring the biodiversity of microorganisms on earth

p_a-3Sustainable Nutrientsarr-dw

We do not use mineral nitrogen fertilizers, taking care of the soil and minimizing our Carbon Footprint.

We use probiotics to promote the microfauna of our crops, enhancing organic nutrition through the use of bioreactors, incorporating the bacteria azotobacter (assimilator of atmospheric nitrogen).

p_a-4Natural pest managementarr-dw

We analyze pests by continuously monitoring and studying their behavior in our ecosystem, to favor the natural balance between pests and predators.

We prevent pests through natural methods (pheromones, food traps, natural predators).

We have our own insectary for a natural plague management.

p_a-5Biodiversity Protectionarr-dw

We respect the native flora and fauna, protecting the natural species on our farms, which are 100% free from hunting.

We carry out archaeological studies before planting to protect our cultural heritage.

We take care of the natural species that live on our farms:
• We maintain natural biological corridors to favor the transit of fauna.
• We have a detailed inventory to monitor native animal and plant species that live in our fields.

p_a-6Talent recruitment and retentionarr-dw

We are pioneers in organic farming thanks to the commitment of our professionals.

We have a multidisciplinary technical team made up of biologists, agricultural and forestry engineers.

We collaborate with the public administration to recruit, develop and retain local talent.

Fields map

Finca Peña Del Aguila
260 Ha

Finca Peña de hierro
159 Ha

Finca Tejoneras
124 Ha

Finca Golondrinas
129 Ha

Finca Valle De Campofrio
40 Ha

Finca Valle De Calero
90 Ha

Finca Zumajo
273 Ha

Finca Viñuela
61 Ha

> 900
hectares of

free of hunting

> 50
species of
endemic protected

> 25
species of
protected flora


Our fruits

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Varietal calendar

We offer fresh and healthy citrus during the whole Spanish season thanks to our wide portfolio of organic varieties.

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