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Our experience with lemon drives us to introduce other kind of citrus, keeping always our way of farming. Tangerines, grape fruits and sanguinelli oranges are some of these products, more demanded due to their quality and differential value.

  • Star Ruby grapefruit

Star Ruby grapefruit

Flatten spherical shaped. Its thick peel is smooth and once it reaches its perfect ripening point, it turns pink.

  • mandarina queen

mandarina queen

The Queen tangerine is a cross developed from a satsuma with pollen seed. The three is moderately strong without thorns.

  • Sanguinelli Orange

Sanguinelli Orange

An oval shaped, middle size and with few seeds fruit. Its thin and bright peel shows an intense red colour which changes depending on the temperature; the colder is, the more intense it gets. This pink colour can occupy even more than half of the peel.  The reddish pulp is juicy, with a high level of aromatic and tasty juice.